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1.Those few moments ago [d] [t]
2.On the ashes of the world [d] [t]
3.Requiem [d] [t]
4.Beyond the world [d] [t]
5.Song of a tree [d] [t]
6.Religions [d] [t]
7.We are standing on the edge [d]
8.Like dust [d] [t]
9.Arche [d] [t]
10.What next ? [d] [t]
11.Whole world [d] [t]

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Cover of the LP album: front, inside, back

Released by: Up The Punx
Recorded at MAQ Records in May 2011
Mix, mastering: Michał "Rosa" Rosicki
Release date: July 2012

Video-collage to "Requiem".
Video-collage to "Like dust".
Video from studio 2011.


1.Intro [d]
2.Lies [d] [t]
3.Spark [d] [t]
4.The same faces [d] [t]
5.To love and to suffer [d] [t]
6.Union [d] [t]
7.Wounds [d] [t]
8.Life line [d] [t]

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Recorded and mixed by us.
Mastering: Studio Fonia
Released by: No Pasaran/Rotten Gorol/Extreme Terror Production
Release date: November 2009


1.Instrumental [d]
2.New horizons [d] [t]
3.Drawers world [d] [t]
4.The way [d] [t]
5.Go good direction [d] [t]
6.Poland [d] [t]
7.Empty words [d] [t]
8.Claped [d]
9.Humanity [d] [t]
10.Lies [d] [t]
11.Pigs [d] [t]
12.Homofobia [d] [t]
13.Differences [d] [t]
14.Union [d] [t]
15.Communication through the music [d] [t]

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Recorded in Roger's studio in Wrocław, in June 2004.
Mixed by Roger, mastering by Smok.
Released by: In Our Hands
Release date: 16.01.2005